An Investment With Priceless Rewards

Dora Wiebenson

Dora Wiebenson

Dora Wiebenson strongly believes in investing for the future and has found a method of investing that is much more fulfilling than stocks and bonds. She invests in the lives of others and, in return, is assured security for life!

Author of several architectural history books and editor of a journal, Dora found herself looking for ways she could make a difference as she neared retirement. "I really wanted to participate as much as possible, and contribute as much as I could, toward causes the government should be addressing but wasn't," Dora explains. One of the first organizations she discovered was the International Rescue Committee.

At first Dora made small contributions; then she realized a wonderful gift vehicle; the charitable gift annuity (CGA). By giving a sum of money to establish a CGA, Dora would be assured fixed annuity payments for the rest of her life, with the remainder going to further the good work of the IRC. Dora was so pleased with her CGA that she has now established six gift annuities to benefit the IRC.

"First of all, it's a great relief to know the money is going someplace that is really being helpful," Dora explains. "You also know you will get some kind of return for it." After Dora's lifetime, the remainder of her gifts will support the IRC's Freedom Fund, which provides a cash reserve that the IRC can draw upon to meet the needs of refugees in times of crisis. The Freedom Fund also supports IRC's efforts to provide, water, health care, support for children and women, and other life saving services that deliver war-torn families from harm to home.

"We have to pay attention to what is going on in the world around us. There are a great many people who are suffering. One must try very hard to help them, and the IRC is doing a fine job of that!"